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   Desire successfully performed - music well reviewed....  The Twins libretto first draft completed and sketches for music being made... . click here to view more »
   Peter's East European Folk Band, Beskydy, will appear at the Cellar Upstairs, Camden at 8:15 p.m. on 23rd February 2008..... click here to view more »  
Peter's new 2-hour-long musical cabaret is about the US gay community in the 1970, ending with the impact of AIDS in 1979. Combining elements of song cycle, cabaret, music theatre and operetta, this is due to be premiered in 2008.  Librettist Peter Scott Presland has based his .... click here to view more »
  Merregnon Edited composers' and arrangers' scores for performance 2003-5 for first ever Symphonic Games Music concerts outside Japan. The first of these concerts also featured one of Peter's own arrangements. Peter was working with conductor Andy Brick, arranger.... click here to view more »
Established since 2000, Key Change offers a professional, intelligent copyist service using Sibelius 4 Software, Key Change copyist service is provided by Peter Murphy MA (Oxon), an accomplished ...click here to view more »
Peter studied music at the University of Oxford, and played French Horn in youth orchestras under such conductors as John Carewe and the late great Norman del Mar, who gave him invaluable guidance during his early attempts at composition. He also studied 20th century composition ... click here to view more »  
Copyist Services in London area £25 per hour/£250 per day OR £8 per A4 page subject to surcharge for complex/unconventional scores.
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