Peter's new 2-hour-long musical cabaret is about the US gay community in the 1970, ending with the impact of AIDS in 1979. Combining elements of song cycle, cabaret, music theatre and operetta, it was successfully performed in the Albany Theatre in 2010 and the music in particular was well-reviewed. . Librettist Peter Scott Presland has based his texts on the interviews in Edmund White's "States of Desire". This composer-librettist *collaboration* goes back to a World Aids Day commission by London Gay Symphony Orchestra for which Peter provided two of the fourteen pieces for Free, an Anti-Requiem, in collaboration with six other composers. Composer Patrick Nunn has, ever since this performance, been a strong advocate of Peter's music.

"Arc en Ciel"
Peter has written a number of chamber works including a string quartet, solo cello piece, and a planned piece for clarinet and strings'. Together; these three pieces will form a single trilogy.
"Everyone Sang"
In response to the London terror attacks on July 7 2005 Peter wrote "Everyone Sang", a vigorous setting of the Siegfried Sassoon of the same name. He dedicated it to the actor and singer John Barrowman, whose musical cabaret on the evening of the day of the bombings provided the only known sung response to the atrocity. "I was one of the few people who made it across London to the performance that evening, and was bowled over by John's life-affirming performance, which showed the power of one single voice raised in song. I remember thinking how powerful it would have been had more people done the same. Then I remembered the Sassoon text - imagine, if everyone had indeed burst out singing! How powerful and life-affirming a message would that have been to counteract messages of hatred and death."

Click here to read Siegfried Sasson's Everyone Sang.
"The Twins"
This music theatre piece is now in the planning stage, and Peter has already undertaken one field trip to Saqqara, Memphis and Cairo in Egypt to prepare himself for the compositional process.
"Future Plans"
In the longer term, Peter plans to write an opera based on events in Prague in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II. He has also been commissioned by composer Jaz Coleman to produce arrangements of music by Nirvana, the US rock band headed by the late Kurt Cobain.


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