Copyist Price Guide

Copyist Services in London area
£25 per hour/£250 per day OR £8 per A4 page subject to surcharge for complex/unconventional scores.
Copyist Services in London
£250 per day plus travelling/subsistence
Copyist Services on location
price negotiable (including travel/accommodation etc)
Transcriptions of music from CD
CDs £250 per 3 minute track, subject to surcharges for complex scores.
Price dependent on duration of piece, number of players, etc. Typically £120 per minute of music.
  • 1-14 players £3 per bar
  • 15-60 players £4.50 per bar
  • 60+ players £6.50 per bar (in cases of unconventional line-up/multiple ensembles etc £8 per bar)
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