Below is a list of some recent projects completed by Peter Murphy MA (Oxon).
Composer/Performer Project:
  • Jaz Coleman The Magdalene Code - prepared entire opera for performance at Royal Opera House December 2001, conducted by Vasko Vassilev under its original title, Le Nozze di Cana.
  • Jaz Coleman Daughter of England - performed by Joseph McManners and RPO/Owain Arwel Hughes at Classic Response 2006 Concert 15 April 2006 at the Royal Albert Hall, London.
  • Jaz Coleman Music of the Quantum - performed at venues in the Czech Republic and USA.
  • Jaz Coleman Four movement concerto for violin orchestra and voices - a new work currently being prepared for performance
  • Kennedy Reconstructed lost parts for Kafka album for live tour 2002 from the CD of the same name.
  • Merregnon Edited composers' and arrangers' scores for performance 2003-5 for first ever Symphonic Games Music concerts outside Japan. The first of these concerts also featured one of Peter's own arrangements. Peter was working with conductor Andy Brick, arranger Nic Raine, and others, and the Czech music agency Musa, headed by Petr Pycha. Click here to visit Musa website for more detail.
  • Sarah Brightman Worked on CD Harem (2002) as copyist for the arranger, (Jaz Coleman) and as consultant during recording process in Prague (Prague Symphony Orchestra) London (LSO, Natasha Atlas, Kennedy) and Cairo (Aboud Abdul Al, Ronnie Barak, etc). The CD was produced by Frank Peterson.
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