Peter studied music at the University of Oxford, and played French Horn in youth orchestras under such conductors as John Carewe and the late great Norman del Mar, who gave him invaluable guidance during his early attempts at composition.
He also studied 20th century composition technique at Oxford under composer and Messiaen expert Robert Sherlaw Johnson.
As a student Peter produced a substantial body of compositions, many of which have been successfully performed.
He is currently reviewing his back catalogue of work, as some pieces, with minimal updating, are very performable.
In recent years, Peter has concentrated on performance, particularly of central European folk music, which he has studied on field trips to that part of the world, especially Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia.
He now performs with the group Beskydy.
Click here to find out more about the group and to hear them in action.
Listeners may hear influences from these traditions in Peter's subsequent compositional style.
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